Sweater Aj Lana L8 Maglia Pullover Jeans i Uomo Maglietta Armani N6w46 Blu A

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Current Transformer for Main AC Current Measurement - 50 to 400 Hz.

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  • Pin Primary Types
  • This product is only composed of UL approved materials
  • This product has a construction conform to CEI950, CEI335, CEI61558 for Functional insulation
A Armani Jeans Pullover Sweater N6w46 Blu Maglietta i Lana Uomo Aj Maglia L8`50 Cappuccio Rod Felpa Oldschool Con V8 Ribelle Grigio Caldo Disegno Modello Ff57H05qn
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Rated Current (A) 15  

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Conversion Ratio 1:500  
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